Knutsford High Street is a website for the town of Knutsford and our local community of residents, shops and businesses.

The Knutsford High Street started out as a website to help the community of Knutsford find local businesses that were still open and delivering throughout COVID 19.


This website became a lifeline to not only those that were self-isolating but also to the businesses of Knutsford that needed the support of its residents.


It has continued to be a vital resource for the residents of Knutsford and due to the demand from both residents and local businesses, the website was developed further so that the Knutsford community could search and purchase products from local businesses across Knutsford in one simply checkout as opposed to turning to retail online giants to source products which could be purchased from their door step.

Why use the Knutsford High Street?

Knutsford residents now have access to everything they need all within one easy online shop, benefiting from the following:

Search and shop across Knutsford by product

Purchase multiple products across many shops with one shopping basket

Shop local with ease, supporting the businesses of Knutsford

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Delivery direct to your door

An environmentally friendly way of shopping, having a low carbon footprint


Benefit from a more cost-effective option compared to some retail giants

Faster delivery/pick up of all their favourite products from Knutsford High Street

Search for local jobs, all in one place

How did the Knutsford High Street begin?

Boxed Red Marketing owner Janna and Managing Director Ruth both live in Knutsford and were trying to support many of their family members who were self isolating, searching each and every website across Knutsford and surrounding areas for information on opening hours, deliveries etc and thought ‘wouldn’t it be brilliant if all this information was in one simple place’. So Boxed Red Marketing worked with the amazing people within the Knutsford Council to develop a website which was just that – an information hub for the Knutsford Community. Boxed Red Marketing gifted it to the Knutsford Community.

We hope you enjoy exploring the beautiful town of Knutsford online and please do get in touch if you have any questions, queries or indeed suggestions for improvement.


If you are a business and would like to be apart of the website please get in touch here

An introduction to Knutsford:

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