How the Knutsford businesses can help you enjoy the heatwave

Delicious ice cream from the Real Fruit Creamery 

On a hot day, nothing comes close to the refreshing taste of ice cold Gelato! The Real Fruit Creamery based in the centre of Knutsford serves fresh ice cream for you to enjoy while you’re walking around Knutsford, or relaxing in the sun in a park or the comfort of your own garden.

Fresh pints and G&Ts from Dexter and Jones

Sometimes, only a cold pint can help in this weather! Dexter and Jones have got you covered, don’t miss out on them serving fresh cold pints and gin + tonics while the pubs and bars are still closed.  Because after all you can’t miss out on a good draught beer!

Buy a paddling pool from Hal Whittakers

A paddling pool from Hal Whittakers is the perfect way for the whole family to keep cool during the hot weather, so pop in today and fill it with water for a relaxing afternoon in the sun! Maybe even set up a mini assault course in the garden to keep the kids (and grownups) occupied?

Keep cool with a fan from Vikings

Fans are an ESSENTIAL in this weather, so be sure to pop into Vikings today and pick up yours!

Top tip: Put a bowl of cold water or ice in front of your fan and put it on max so that cold air can circulate and help you combat the heat!

SPF, SPF and SPF from Boots!

Don’t let sunburn ruin your time in this gorgeous weather, be sure to apply suncream and re-apply when possible to protect your skin, and make sure you can carry on having as much fun as possible! Boots stock a range of sun creams to suit everybody.

Cool, white limited-edition t-shirts from Bexy Boo

Bexy Boo has been busy designing a range of unisex t-shirts to reflect what we have all been collectively going through. These lightweight, light coloured t-shirts are perfect for a hot day like today, and there are 5 amazing designs to choose from! Have a celebration during lockdown? Whether it be a birthday or an engagement, Bexy Boo creates award-winning, handmade cards for all occasions!